Strategic Communications

public relations
crisis management
image development

Sol Partners offers an array of strategic communications services to clients located outside of Puerto Rico. Whether you’re looking to develop an entirely new image or enhance one that already exists, Sol Partners has the communications expertise you need.

Public Relations

Public relations is the practice of managing and controlling the spread of information between a business and the general public. It is an important way for a business to strategically communicate. Sol Partners’ communications team has the ability to establish and maintain a relationship between your business, the media and the general public.
Our experienced team and their vast knowledge of the industry will help you reach your internal or external audience with the business message you wish to communicate. Sol Partners recognizes the importance of communicating effectively and will craft a plan specific to your needs and goals.

Crisis Management

At Sol Partners, we believe being proactive and prepared is essential to your strategic communications plan. A crisis can impact an organization at any time, but advanced planning and preventative action can control the outcome of these inevitable disasters. Our team has the knowledge for crisis control and the aptitude for managing a crisis after it occurs.

Our forward-looking approach to crisis management focuses on transparency and honesty. Our method is suitable for the unique situation in which any business finds itself. Rather than waiting for a crisis to impact your organization negatively, we constantly look for opportunities to positively communicate your message to your most important audiences. With the perfect combination of crisis control and crisis management, we can successfully maintain the positive business image you desire.

Image Development & Management

Good brands don’t just happen – they are developed over time with long term, strategic outcomes in mind. Whether you are looking for a corporate brand package or personal image plan, the image development and management services Sol Partners offers will conceptualize and execute a perfect image strategy for your business.

Image development is about more than a logo and attractive website. An effectively developed brand should reflect not just what you do, but who you are – your vision, values and priorities. Sol Partners can accomplish this goal for your brand.