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Opportunity Analysis

Our executive team and analysts have a deep understanding of how to “boil the ocean” when it comes to looking at opportunities and investments. Many deals never make it off the shelf with other firms because the real value is hidden deep in the details. As most entrepreneurs can tell you, the most frustrating part of seeking investment in an idea is the lack of vision on the part of a potential investor. In keeping with our philosophy, looking at the SOLID analysis while having BELIEF in the idea is what allows us to add value where others will not.

The team at SOL Partners can provide you that opportunity analysis as either the friendly critique or as the strategic partner assisting you along the way.

We can develop and execute in-depth solutions that will deliver actionable insight including:

  Market Economics   Competitive Benchmarking   Resource Analysis
  Scale of Market Opportunity   Market Entry Barriers and Strategy   Product Mix and Pricing
  Customer Insight   Positioning and Channel Strategy   Pre and Post-Sales Service and Support
  Marketing, Sales and Promotional Strategies   Regulatory Factors

We will generate quantitative analysis tailored to meet your specific needs and design solutions modeled on your existing business, your customer base, your business vertical, and the potential of various tools at your disposal. We will ensure that your strategic objectives and decision-making processes are fully understood in order to deliver the best evidence-based solution to support your overall strategy.

Financial Modeling

As most investors will tell you, without a solid financial model the chances that you can get a deal done drops by more than 80 percent. It’s very simple. We want to know that you know and understand the numbers of your business, inside-out!

A solid financial model helps you to make confident decisions, is easy to understand, easy to use and reinforces that your decisions are being made based on the most meaningful information pertaining to your business needs. A solid financial model allows you to predict and continuously modify the assumptions on which the financial performance of your business is bed rocked. A solid financial model enables you to make strategic business decisions more quickly and efficiently. Avoid the pitfalls that can take an opportunity from promising to lost by enlisting our team at Sol Partners! We will develop a solid financial model that can measure and report the impact of the most important decisions throughout the development cycle.

With many years of experience and inside industry knowledge, our modeling experts can assist you in developing, stress-testing or confirming that your model is ready for prime-time. We use comprehensive analysis and risk assessment to evaluate and measure financial viability and identify long-term value. We will work with you to define financial parameters, set specific targets, develop implantation strategies and challenge current assumptions. We can help create credible financial statement models with key drivers that will meet all of your needs.

Our team applies best practices when building financial models that deliver easy-to-use, reliable, robust and flexible tools to support your business-critical decisions, transactions and strategies. You must know the real cost of your strategy, your financial capacity, that your assumptions have been tested and that your investment is both aligned with your business objectives and will add long-term value. Let us help you navigate through all of these questions and more. Our financial modeling also provides integrated financial statements that overlay projects with the current balance sheet/P&L. Grounded by our comprehensive experience and proven financial modeling, you can achieve the results you want in your next attractive opportunity.

Investment and Debt Capital

We take a hands-on approach with entrepreneurs, working with them every step of the way to ensure their success. They are our partners, our customers, and our lifeline. They are our number one priority.

We advise clients on the widest range of capital structures available to guarantee that the most favorable possible financial solution for your business is reached. Our approach consists of a clear identification of your company’s requirements and possible structures which we couple with our capital market team’s expertise and broad resources, allowing your company to consummate transactions and growth strategies under the most advantageous terms. We listen carefully to your company owners and managers and then work closely together to customize long-term, flexible capital solutions. Investing our own capital and being run by a small, specialized core team of decision makers enables us to be highly responsive. It also affords us the opportunity to be flexible and creative with timing, terms, and the structure of transactions. This results in tailored financing solutions that are typically less restrictive and dilutive than alternative sources of debt or equity capital.

Sol Partners invests in companies with the following characteristics, as either debt or equity capital:

Industries—Technology, Payments, FinTech, E-commerce, Services and Disruptive Technologies

Funding—Companies seeking seed or early investments from $500,000 to $3,000,000

Geography—Americas and Western Europe

If this sounds like your company, please send us your executive summary.

Strategic Partnerships

Probably one of the most overlooked resources an early-stage company should have is one or more strategic partnerships. These are not partnerships to distribute goods and services, these are having introductions to individuals and companies that can help your business succeed. At SOL Partners, our expansive network of contacts throughout various industries helps us tap into industry and subject matter experts when needed.

This affords us the opportunity to make game-changing introductions, create key business partnerships and secure unmatched resources and opportunities for our clients.

We see value in building a strong foundation of contacts and believe that fostering key relationships from it is critical to the ongoing success of any business. We also recognize that the process of building a business network and finding the correct partners for any given venture can be extremely time consuming. This is why we offer these unique, value-added, strategic business and market introductions to our clients based on shared common interests and mutually beneficial business relationships. We can make the process of meeting prospective business partners as hassle free as possible. Knowing our contacts through long-standing relationships makes the process of finding the right partners for your needs faster and more efficient since we are already aware of their business capabilities, partnership offerings, and various interests.

Connecting you with only the most relevant business contacts saves you time and leg work, increasing the efficiency of your networking efforts. Our extensive global network includes contacts in both business and community segments, development organizations, professional service companies, and government relations organizations that we can put at your disposal.

We believe in the thought that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and our team will focus on making sure you have the necessary strategic opportunities to succeed.

Compliance Management

Finance industry executives know that the importance of a strong internal compliance program cannot be overstated. New federal organizations, such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, state banking agencies and industry best practices require well-executed compliance programs. Compliance management is a critical, but costly, function for most organizations.

Whether you are in the process of building out a compliance management program for the first time, or would simply like an expert opinion on your current program, Sol Partners’ compliance management services will ensure you have top notch programs in place that comply with all relevant state, federal and local guidance.