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To date there are 566 federally recognized tribes in the United States, many of which are looking for business ventures that will yield revenues which will be used to directly benefit their tribal membership. In order to grow and thrive in today’s economy, tribes must continue to pursue expansion of their business enterprises across a wide array of industries. Without a tax base to draw on for government services, continual economic development is their source of dependable revenue. This tribal economic development requires successful relationships with outside vendors, investors, service providers and even local, state and federal governments. Often times tribes not only lack the necessary contacts and relationships, but also the resources in either expertise, capital or geographical location to successfully launch businesses that will generate sufficient enough profit to really impact the Tribe. Many tribes are strategically searching for the right companies to partner with that can help fill the gap of these shortcomings.

If your company appreciates the uniqueness of Indian Country and is interested in partnering with a Native American tribe, Sol Partners has both executives and analysts who have established longstanding relationships and gained invaluable experience working directly with various tribes for over the last decade. We have worked with a number of tribes all across the country in both business development and government relations, as well as with nearly every tribal agency and government agency involved in tribal affairs. We understand the cultural nuances of tribal governments and the tribal corporate structure, allowing us to guide you through the social and traditional tribal customs that are important to understand and respect when engaging with any tribe and its leaders. Our team has the knowledge and expertise in Indian Country to assist you in properly structuring a partnership with a tribe that will yield benefits and provide necessary protection to both parties.

Our extensive network of contacts in Indian Country, both tribal and non-tribal, can ensure that you are well prepared for exploring business opportunities in Indian Country. We will guide you through the process of establishing a business with a tribal government and assist you with adopting corporation codes, LLC codes, uniform commercial codes and hiring qualified business managers.

Tribal Business Opportunities

Engaging in business in Indian Country is both good business and personally fulfilling. Many tribes have had to endure extreme hardships and only some of them have found a way to persevere through it all. With the right business partner and opportunity for success, they can make impactful gains in the business world that allow them to provide the assistance their tribal members and communities need.

Today, new technologies are changing the business opportunities for many tribes who were once hindered by their geographical, often times extremely rural, locations. Many industries are no longer hampered by location, they can exist anywhere that telecommunications can reach. This shift has opened up a wide variety of industries in which tribal business opportunities exist that can be mutually beneficial to both your company and a tribe.

We can provide a full range of services including:

  Indian Country Contacts, Networking and Introductions   Risk Management and Underwriting   Political Solutions and Positioning
  Capital Raise   Systems Development   State and Federal Lobbying
  Legal and Regulatory   Accounting and Reporting Compliance   Events and Organizations in Indian Country
  Business Structure   Business Management   Cultural and Educational Projects
  Risk Models and Analysis   Public Relations and Branding

Latin America Opportunities

Our executive team and analysts have a keen sense of how to uncover the most lucrative opportunities in emerging future markets of Latin America. Sol Partners’ experience in Latin America and our multi-lingual staff provide a unique advantage in finding said opportunities. Opportunity for growth in Latin American continues to outpace the same type of opportunities found in more mature North American and European markets. The improved economic landscape, rapidly rising middle class, abundance of investment opportunities and shortage of capital availability make Latin America an attractive market for investing.

Current trends in Latin America signal smaller gains in GDP growth and more of an emphasis on internal consumption to drive economic growth. For private investors, these trends could mean attractive asset valuations when owners begin looking for other sources of growth capital and showcase more balanced valuation multiples. Economies such as Mexico, Peru and Colombia are doing well to invest in expanding infrastructure, which will result in greater interest from investors in higher yielding instruments. The Sol Partners team can advise your company on the best strategies when selling, buying or developing new business in Latin America. We have expertise in market entry, business intelligence, international tax, legal systems, local culture and best practices.

Personal connections and a deep understanding of the unique business cultures are two key factors to business development success in Latin America. Having access to the right people is imperative. Meaningful connections can make your initiatives move more quickly and productively. Without the right connections, you may lose valuable momentum and make extremely costly mistakes. Our expansive network of relationships, understanding of local markets and experience conducting business in Latin American countries are just some of the values we bring to you. These relationships have been formed, developed and maintained over the course of many years. The benefits of our longstanding relationships abroad can greatly accelerate your business development efforts.

We can open doors to decision makers and the best resources to assist you locally with your business needs. Our goal is to connect you with only the most fruitful contacts and ensure you are well positioned to make the correct moves in competitive markets, partner selection, taxes and duties, business structure and planning, regulation and the many other ancillary issues that must be navigated to successfully enter the market.

Investment Review and Analysis

Performing substantial due diligence, building the correct framework and business environment, adhering to best practices and carefully analyzing all facets of an investment in a partnership with a Native American Tribe are critical to the success and sustainability of your business venture. Our team will perform both a preliminary and on-going review and analysis of your investment to determine if your investment plan is achieving your goals. If any adjustments are deemed necessary, we will work with you to customize a more optimal strategic asset allocation plan to better meet your objectives within your tolerance to risk. In conducting such reviews we will address the following:

  • Investment goal and why you are investing
  • Attitude toward investment risk
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Capacity for loss
  • Time frame
  • Current and future income needs
  • Taxation