Fintech in Puerto Rico

Fintech, also referred to as financial technology, is used to describe an industry made up of innovative companies (from startups to experienced organizations) that utilize the latest technological advances and resources to offer solutions in the marketplace that move beyond what traditional financial establishments are able to offer. To learn more about the opportunities available in Puerto Rico, please read on.

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Investment in Fintech has increased from $930 million in 2008 to over $12 billion by 2015. Innovative companies and startups have the ability to solve problems that traditional financial institutions struggle with, due to their innovation and responsive nature.


$930 Million


$12 Billion

More than $50 billion USD has been globally invested in Fintech firms since 2016.

= 1 Billion

Investment in these types of companies grew over 200% globally in 2014, compared to 63% growth in overall venture capital (VC) investments.


Businesses see financial technology playing a role in the following ways:

Meet changing customer needs with new offerings

Leverage existing data and analytics

Enhance interactions and build trusted relationships

Enhance business with sophisticated operational capabilities

The popularity of the search term "fintech" continues to soar, according to Google Trends.

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