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Predictive Risk/Fraud Modeling

Fraud is a big problem for many companies operating on the Internet. Sol’s predictive risk and fraud modeling services use thousands of data points to make real time decisions on fraud propensity. We use a multitude of techniques including modeling, data mining and even social cues, to help you make risk decisions that are reliable, scalable, profitable and fast.

Back Office Servicing Platforms

Your back office is the nerve center of your organization. Optimizing your back office processes mean happier employees, more satisfied customers and more profit to your bottom line. Many workforce management tools stop on the frontline.

Sol Partners’ back office servicing platform ties together call center workforce management, customer engagement, quality monitoring, coaching and analytics with accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources, to ensure that your front and back lines are working together as a unit.

Our hosted turnkey solution allows financial services enterprises to maximize productivity by improving efficiency and flow of information between business units. For organizations with special needs, Sol’s custom development services allow you to specify the features and functions that are most important to your unique situation.

New Product Development

Throw away what you know about consumer financial services. The Internet has changed everything.

Consumer needs have changed since online banking and borrowing have gone mainstream. They demand speed, convenience, security, ease of use, reliability and automation – and still want to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone when something goes wrong.
Developing new products for consumer financial services is an art and a science, and Sol Partners has mastered both. Our products and innovations have been used by over two million consumers internationally in the last five years.

What do we consider a success? A successful product is one that:

  • serves a consumer need,
  • scales easily,
  • generates profit
  • and meets our client’s other business needs.

Contact Sol Partners today to talk about our new product development services.

Risk and Analytics

Sol Partners’ risk and analytics team has the tools and expertise you need to predict, measure and quantify risk across your organization. We understand the great importance of defining and managing your company’s exposure to risk. So, don’t just leave it up to intuition; let us solve your risk and analytics needs!

Custom Scorecard Development

At Sol Partners, we add efficiency and control to your risk management process with the development of a custom underwriting model that will allow for consistent and objective decision making. In fact, our risk and analytics experts view scorecards as tools for better decision making. This is why we believe in developing custom scorecards for every company’s unique situation.

When evaluating risk, it’s essential to pass data through a series of algorithms and programs, but it’s also important to pass it through the analytical and strategic mind of the user. This concept, with the goal of maximizing revenue and minimizing bad debt, provides us with individualized and customized scorecards for every business’s specific needs.

Trend and Liquidation Analysis

Our expertise in trend and liquidation analysis allows us to turn data into insights that will create value for your organization. Using a data-driven and situation-specific understanding of industry trends, we have the ability to find potential opportunities, as well as potential obstacles, for your business. By filtering through and separating the vast internal and external data that is available, we make it easier for your organization to identify business opportunities, pursue growth and make better-informed decisions.