Sol Partners is committed to increasing opportunities and improving the quality of life in our communities. We contribute to various educational programs, schools and churches, as well as charitable and non-profit organizations. We actively look for opportunities to make a difference and are open to receiving new ideas on how to make a positive impact in the community.


de la mesa

De la Mesa a la Calle

One of our largest community outreach programs is De La Mesa a la Calle, which was co-founded by Sol Partners’ Mark Curry and Kristian Riefkohl. De La Mesa a la Calle or “From the Table to the Streets” is a non-profit organization conceived from the urgent need to feed the hungry, particularly among Puerto Rico’s homeless population. Our mission is to engage Puerto Ricans in the fight against hunger through a fundraising engine that provides financial relief to a network of non-profit institutions struggling to serve the homeless population’s complex needs.

club curry

Club Curry

Another initiative continuously supported by Sol Partners is Club Curry, which was founded by Sol Partners’ President and CEO, Mark Curry. Club Curry is a philanthropic organization that hosts annual events to benefit charitable causes and community programs. Since Club Curry’s inception in 2010, it has supported Child Focus, Camp To Belong, The Shade Tree, Hope House and San Jorge Children’s Foundation. Club Curry events are based in Las Vegas, Kansas City and Puerto Rico.

La Puntilla

To continue supporting the community, Sol Partners recently partnered with five other organizations to save “La Puntilla,” a fishermen’s pier in Old San Juan that was destroyed by natural deterioration. La Puntilla is especially important to the 23 hard-working fishermen who use the pier daily to sell hundreds of pounds of fresh fish to local restaurants and the public. The donations from Sol Partners and the five other organizations were used to rebuild the pier using high-quality, eco-friendly materials.