What SOL Partners Does


Online Customer Acquisition

The Internet poses unique challenges to your marketing and customer acquisition processes. With a multitude of platforms, methodologies, and pricing systems, developing and optimizing customer acquisition is a daunting task.

SOL Partners’ suite of online customer acquisition services will help you:

  • Find the right customer,
  • At the right time,
  • For the right price!

With a combined 75+ years in financial services customer acquisition, Sol Partners can help you turn browsers into buyers and buyers into repeat customers.

Predictive Risk/Fraud Modeling

Fraud is a big problem for many companies operating on the Internet. Sol’s predictive risk and fraud modeling services use thousands of data points to make real-time decisions on fraud propensity. We use a multitude of techniques including modeling, data mining, and even social cues to help you make risk decisions that are reliable, scalable, profitable, and fast.


Back Office Servicing Platforms

Your back office is the nerve center of your organization. Optimizing your back-office processes mean happier employees, more satisfied customers, and more profit to your bottom line. Many workforce management tools stop on the front line.

Sol Partner’s back office servicing platform ties together call center workforce management, customer engagement, quality monitoring, coaching, and analytics with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and human resources, to ensure that your front and back lines are working together as a unit.

Our hosted turnkey solution allows financial services enterprises to maximize productivity by improving efficiency and flow of information between business units. For organizations with specific needs, Sol’s custom development services allow you to choose the features and functions that are most important to your unique situation.

New Product Development

Consumer needs have changed since online banking and borrowing have gone mainstream. They demand speed, convenience, security, ease of use, reliability, and automation – and still want to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone when something goes wrong.

Developing fintech products is an art and a science, and Sol Partners has mastered both. Our products (and innovations) have been used by over two million consumers internationally in the last 5 years.

What do we consider a success? A successful product is one that:

  • Serves a consumer need,
  • Scales easily,
  • Generates profit,
  • Meets our clients’ other business needs.

Compliance Management

Finance industry executives know that the importance of a strong internal compliance program cannot be overstated. State banking agencies, new federal organizations such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and industry best practices require well-executed compliance programs. Compliance management is a critical, but costly function for most organizations.

Whether you are in the process of building out a compliance management program for the first time, or would simply like an expert opinion on your current program, SOL Partners’ compliance management services will ensure you have top-notch programs in place that comply with all relevant state, federal, and local guidance.

Sovereign Fintech Consulting

To date, there are 573 federally-recognized American Indian tribes in the United States, many of which are looking for business ventures that will yield revenues and directly benefit their tribal membership. In order to grow and thrive in today’s economy, tribes must continue to pursue expansion of their business enterprises across a wide array of industries. Without a tax base to draw on for government services, continual economic development is their source of dependable revenue. Tribal economic development requires successful relationships with outside vendors, investors, service providers, and even local, state, and federal governments.

Fintech in Puerto Rico

Fintech, also referred to as financial technology, is used to describe an industry made up of innovative companies (from startups to experienced organizations) that utilize the latest technological advances and resources to offer solutions in the marketplace that move beyond what traditional financial establishments are able to offer. To learn more about Puerto Rico FinTech, please read on.

Tell me more

Investment in fintech has increased from $930 million in 2008 to over $12 billion by 2015. Fintech companies and startups have the ability to solve problems that traditional financial institutions struggle with, due to their innovation and responsive nature.

More than $50 billion USD has been globally invested in fintech firms since 2016.

Investment in fintech companies grew over 200% globally in 2014, compared to 63% growth in overall VC investments.

Businesses see fintech playing a role in the following ways:

The popularity of the search term “fintech” continues to soar, according to Google Trends.

Interested in learning more about Sol Partners, a leading fintech company located in Puerto Rico?



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Our Team

Our people, values, and execution are what make us different, and our track record proves it.
Our staff of seasoned, professionals are experienced in aspects of international business – focusing on the needs of fintech disruptors – with specialties ranging from consumer acquisition to risk management to customer service and more. We actively manage our clients’ investments and guide them with our broad perspective and expertise in asset management. With plans to continue expanding, SOL Partners has created over 30 new careers in its San Juan-based office and is always looking to generate new local jobs with worldwide impact.

Executive Management

Mark Curry – President & CEO

Mark Curry is the President and CEO of SOL Partners. Mr. Curry is also the founder of MacFarlane Group, Inc., a recognized leader in the specialty consumer finance and technology industries.  An original founder of the Online Lenders Alliance, Mr. Curry is committed to furthering the mission of the Alliance and actively serves on its Board of Directors.

Mr. Curry, together with SOL Partners’ Kristian Riefkohl, founded De la Mesa a la Calle or “From the Table to the Streets,” a non-profit organization conceived from the urgent need to feed the hungry, particularly among Puerto Rico’s homeless population.

Heriberto Torres – CFO

Heriberto Torres is the Chief Financial Officer. He provides strategic financial leadership for the company by establishing long-range goals, plans, and policies in the areas of finance and accounting.

Prior to joining SOL Partners, Mr. Torres was the President of Supermercados Econo, the main supermarket chain in Puerto Rico. While at Supermercados Econo, he reorganized and developed a proficient management team and increased revenues by 300 percent. Previously, Mr. Torres was with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. for nine years, both nationally and internationally.

Operational Management

Edward Figueroa – Call Center Manager

As Call Center Manager, Mr. Figueroa is responsible for ensuring conversion, productivity, and quality customer service. He manages the lending call center at SOL’s headquarters, including team leads and all agents. Prior to joining SOL Partners, Mr. Figueroa managed a dispatch call center for the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc.

Mr. Figueroa received his bachelor’s degree from Bayamon Central University in Puerto Rico where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. When not working, Mr. Figueroa enjoys running, cycling, and spending time with his family.

Karina Ayala – Manager of Executive Administration

As Executive Assistant, Ms. Ayala provides support to the CEO, human resources, public relations, and facilities teams in Puerto Rico. She also oversees and coordinates all administrative tasks. Prior to joining SOL Partners, she was an Executive Assistant for Ann Inc. in New York City where she worked closely with the Executive Vice President and e-commerce department.

Karina graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts. She spends her free time experimenting with recipes, using her skills as a freelance makeup artist, and relaxing on the beach with family and friends.


We are committed to increasing opportunities and improving the quality of life in our communities. We contribute to various educational programs, schools, and churches, as well as charitable and non-profit organizations.
We continuously look for opportunities to make a difference and are open to receiving new ideas on how to create a positive impact in the community.

De la Mesa a la Calle

One of our largest community outreach programs is De la Mesa a la Calle, which was co-founded by Mark Curry and Kristian Riefkohl. De La Mesa a la Calle or “From the Table to the Streets” is a non-profit organization conceived from the urgent need to feed the hungry, particularly among Puerto Rico’s homeless population. Our mission is to engage Puerto Ricans in the fight against hunger through a fundraising engine that provides financial relief to a network of non-profit institutions struggling to serve the homeless population’s complex needs.

Mark E. Curry Family Foundation

In 2015, our President and CEO, Mark Curry, founded the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation. The Foundation supports programs and charitable causes that focus on women, children, LGBT rights, education, economic development, Native American causes, and more.

After the passing of Hurricane Maria in September of 2017, the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation raised funds to be matched, organized and participated in relief routes and planned initiatives to aid in the recovery of Puerto Rico, its economy, and its people.

The Mark E. Curry Family Foundation also partnered with Manolo Lopez to support the Cosa Nuestra Relief Fund. The Fund was created to provide warm meals to those affected by Hurricane Maria, and also to help small restaurants get back on their feet. To learn more about the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation, please visit www.mecff.org.

Club Curry

Another initiative continuously supported by SOL Partners is Club Curry, which was founded by our President and CEO, Mark Curry. Club Curry is a philanthropic organization that hosts annual events to benefit charitable causes and community programs. Since Club Curry’s inception in 2010, it has supported Child Focus, Camp To Belong, The Shade Tree, Hope House, and San Jorge Children’s Foundation. Club Curry events are based in Las Vegas, Kansas City, and Puerto Rico.

La Puntilla

To continue supporting the community, we recently partnered with five other organizations to save “La Puntilla,” a fishermen’s pier in old San Juan that was destroyed by natural deterioration. La Puntilla is especially important to the 23 hard-working fishermen who use the pier daily to sell hundreds of pounds of fresh fish to local restaurants and the public. The donations from SOL Partners and the five other organizations were used to rebuild the pier using high-quality, eco-friendly materials.

Contact Us

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